spaceframe 3d prints
Axel Kilian PhD Computation and Design, Dipl.-Ing.
kitesite - kitebuilding
presentation at Non Standard Practice conference fall 2004
Non standard practice conference
kinetic tower project
link to aag08 link to proceedings pdf
ACG Group project - Introspection Machine
Rapid Prototyping Class - Zipper surface
Emergent organization - EDS Design Studio
Thesis HdK 1998
EDG Project - MOSS
Spline Surface Autolisp Programmed
Boeing Business Jet Competition
Thesis 1998
Alpenrose Design Studio
Leipzig - "The Columsn" Exhibition
"Through The Paper Trace"
Trap Door Design
Stralsund - Design Studio
Bridge Competition Dresden
Museo Costantini
University of the Arts Berlin
Programmed Constructs class
Emergent Design Group - MIT
Aestethics and Computation Group
Space Planning and Organization Research Group
To Kinetic Design Group
TMG Group Project - ICC Tower
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MIT home page
Baumgarten prize
mas110 class exhibition - ben - jocelyn - axel
digital mockup class - 4.183s - Zipper surface
embodied intelligence - 6.836
AXIS - space compressor - 50km berlin in 2 min
masxxx - digital expression
ants - GA -FSA
masxxx - computational media design
embodied intelligence - 6.836
interactive facade project - kdg
How to make almost anything
Bridge Competition Dresden
masxxx - computational media design
structural exploration for Busan tower competition
Kinetic gate design
smart geometry summerschool
cad-enary sketch
final project - gap optimization using simplex search-nature of matematical modeling
nature of mathematical modeling
Gehry-GM-Media Lab Concept Car
multiple thread history
Gehry-GM-Media Lab Concept Car

PhD thesis 2006
Architectural Geometry boo, Pottmann, Asperl, Hofer, Kilian link amazon Architectural Geometry boo, Pottmann, Asperl, Hofer, Kilian
bubbles project